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Explore our services for convenient buying and selling of used items. Get instant cash for your -belongings and shop confidently with our quality assurance.

Affordable Furniture

Discover timeless charm with our collection of old furniture. Each piece tells a story and adds character to your space. Explore our selection and bring a touch of nostalgia into your home.

Kids Toys

Elevate your child’s space with our charming selection of kids chairs and accessories. From colorful chairs to playful decor, we offer a range of options to create a fun and functional environment for your little one. Browse now and add a touch of whimsy to their room!”


Upgrade your home with our range of quality appliances. From sleek refrigerators to efficient washing machines, we offer top-notch appliances to enhance your daily routine. Explore our selection and elevate your living space today!


Explore our stunning collection of stainless steel jewelry at our Accessories Sphinx branch. From sleek bracelets to elegant necklaces. Elevate your look with timeless accessories that shine.

Moving(Removing junks )

We also provide moving and trucking services to make your relocation hassle-free. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on settling into your new space.

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